Give your signs a new look with SIGN REFACE

Refacing a sign involves updating or replacing the external facing of an existing sign while retaining its structural components. This process can offer several benefits for businesses and organizations looking to refresh their signage. A sign reface offers businesses an opportunity to update their branding and improve their visual presence without the costs and disruptions associated with a full replacement. It's a strategic way to achieve a new look while leveraging existing infrastructure and resources.


Why? Reface your Sign

Signs can become outdated over time, either due to design trends or wear and tear. Refacing provides an opportunity to modernize the appearance of the sign, incorporating contemporary design elements and materials for a fresh and appealing look. 

A sign reface allows a business to update its branding and visual identity. This is particularly beneficial when a company undergoes a rebranding effort, as the external facing of the sign can be modified to reflect the new logo, colors, fonts, and messaging.